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Yonipp ™ Hire Freelance Writers Who Appreciates Your Niche %TITLE%

There's a Better Way to Hire Freelance Writers

There are too many generic writers out there. You don’t know who to hire. Your readers are tired of fluff and rehashed content. They need fresh new ideas.

Meet Yonipp. We’re a freelance writing marketplace that sows & nurture writers to write only what they love. They know you. They know what you want.

Live Niche Immersion

Most of our writers have firsthand experience with their core niche themselves. They really know what they are talking about in order to entertain, educate and inspire your readers, building trust and credibility.

One, Healthy Focus

Have you ever heard of the phrase “Jack-of-all-trades, Master of none?” We believe in oneness. We cultivate our writers to focus only on a single core-niche, in order to capture your vision better and nail down the writing style you’re looking for.

Organic Writer Growth

Since our writers are not busy with “Jack-of-all-trades” content, they are not burned out. Unlike the competition, we believe our niche writers will thrive in a slow-paced writing environment. They all have the time they need to dig deeper in your project scope and research!

Forget everyday, general writers. Meet our ripe content creators who will love to write about your special topic.

A.J. Wilson

Solo Travel Writer

$10 / 100 words
128 Projects Completed
United States


Natasha Evans

Forex Trading Writer

$50 / 100 words
12 Projects Completed
United Kingdom


Mark Bagongligo

Weight Loss Writer

$2 / 100 words
56 Projects Completed


We already did the hard work for you. It's time for you to harvest our niche writers.